SEO, Newsletters and Marketing for Lawyers

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We understand Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and its importance. We study the major search engines and work hard to stay abreast of their changing requirements. We know how to maximize your chances of getting the best search engine rankings and we can provide keyword research, site optimization, content review and advice, creation of meta text, link strategies, and submission of your site to key search engines and directories. And if we can't improve your Google ranking, we will refund your fees.

Newsletter Creation & Email Marketing

Email marketing enables you to connect and strengthen your relationships with your clients. By sending targeted email blasts, you can increase your brand awareness. Targeted emails are one of the most cost-effective ways of obtaining increased conversions and leads. We help you create successful email campaigns from beginning to end.

We provide the following options:
- Create professional email newsletters
- Design targeted email templates
- Build and manage email lists
- Integrate social media email marketing
- Provide real time tracking

Paid Ad Campaigns

For some law firms, targeted advertising is the best approach. Our marketing experts can set up efficient and results-driven Google Adwords campaigns. We will research keywords and craft ad copy to optimize your click-throughs. We’ll follow the progress of each campaign and deliver an analysis of the results to you. This is usually done monthly although different timeframes and arrangements are available.


Social Media Integration

Every business has a community of interested parties, people who want to know about your field. Social media marketing is aimed at this group, in which you want to create a buzz about your business. When you participate in a conversation in a useful way, sharing the latest ideas and developments in your field, you are the expert and someone your target group wants to listen to. It effectively advertises and promotes your business. It involves people who may buy from you or refer others to you. They become active participants in your business.

There are countless avenues on the Internet for social interaction: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and many more. Some people only use Facebook while others just like LinkedIn but you want to be in as many venues as possible. The more people you involve, the greater the chances some will generate business for you. We can help you with tools that enable you to reach multiple outlets at once.

Blog Design

Blogging is a different way to engage your client community. You are writing in a personal way about topics of a professional nature. You don't have to write often, but you should strive to write regularly.

We are experts at designing your blog and tying it to your website so it links back properly with a consistent look to both. We can add any number of features to your blog and we can work with whatever platform is easiest and makes the most sense for you.