Branding for Lawyers

Unified Design of Logo, Website, Tagline, Print and More

Competition is the biggest challenge you face, so the only way to succeed is to stand out. You need effective branding. Branding presents the unique qualities that distinguish your product or services from your competition. The goal is to help prospective clients recognize how you are unique and better suited for them. Our creative team works with you to identify what sets your business apart. We know how to formulate the message and associated images that achieve this. Our goal is to ensure that your brand:

  • Delivers your message clearly and concisely
  • Is credible and convincing
  • Connects emotionally with your target market
  • Motivates your buyer
  • Enhances loyalty
We will develop a persuasive message, including elements such as a clear tag line, a creative and well designed logo, as well as all other aspects of your visual presentation (fonts, colors, graphics). Your brand will be designed to deliver your message with impact and consistency.

Print Collateral

Even in this online age, paper still matters. How often have you looked at a business card for a phone number or email address? You still need business cards, letterhead and other printed materials for your business. Print collateral includes all hard copy marketing items such as:

  • business cards
  • brochures
  • stationary
  • postcards
  • folders
The creative team at NY Lawyers Online has experience working with printers and we understand the different requirements of print versus web. If you need business cards or any other print collateral, please call us. We will help you stand out on paper.

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