Website Design and Development for Lawyers

NY Lawyers Online provides custom web design so your site will be unique. We never use templates or off-the-shelf pre-determined formats. Every site we make is distinctive. We use the latest Internet technologies to build fully responsive, powerful websites. Our creative team works with you to develop a website that is as individual as you are and truly reflects your professional identity. We are creative, flexible and sensitive to your budget, requirements and goals. Our extensive experience enables us to create a good-looking, intuitive and fast-loading website that will present your enterprise in the best light. Whether you want a website that you can update yourself or one that we maintain for you, we will build what you need.

Our Process

Plan for Website Design Plan
Design Website Design
Develop Website Develop


What we do:

  • Listen and understand your company's goals for your website.
  • Clarify your specific business needs and plan the ways your website can meet them.
  • Consider how best to appeal to your target audience and determine the best technical approach for your website.
  • Develop a work plan that identifies the tasks, timeframes and resources for the project.


What we do:

  • Map out the overall design, the "look and feel" of your site and create a mock-up of the proposed design for your review and approval.
  • Develop a site map to show you all the expected pages and their relationship to each other.
  • Assemble all the graphics and content and determine the pages on which these elements will appear.


What we do:

  • Build your site with all the necessary writing, coding, graphics, photography, formsand links.
  • Optimize your site for search engines (optional). For more detailed information on SEO, click here.
  • Review and finalize with you the site design and contents.

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Once your website is ready

Before your site is launched, we will test it to ensure it loads well under the major browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari. It will work on all computers whether PC or Mac, desktop, tablet or smart phone. To learn more about this flexibility, called Responsive Design, click here. We only consider our work complete when you are fully satisfied with your website.

Once your website is launched, we can maintain it for you. This could include featuring news, events or new products/services your business offers that need to be posted in a timely fashion. We also provide email technical support. Alternatively, we can help you to maintain and update your site yourself, but this is a decision best made at the outset of the project.

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Redesign an existing website

If you already have a website and would like to have it redesigned, we offer this service. Changes may include: adding content, sections, making your website responsive, or giving it a more modern appearance.

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A note on responsive web design

Responsive website design provides an optimized layout regardless of the viewing device: desktops and laptops as well as mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. It provides a mobile-friendly and enjoyable user experience for your clients.

Responsive Design

Americans spend over 30 hours a month on their smartphones - on apps and the mobile Web. Moreover, smartphone owners access apps and mobile sites at least seven times a day using their smartphones.
Source Nielsen

The simple conclusion is that you cannot afford to have a traditional website that renders poorly on smart phones.

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